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Thursday, July 25, 2013

...... drove my car for the first time in days.....

.... pulled into the parking lot this morning at the hospital for an appointment for blood work and to see the oncologist.  Blood work is necessary to check to see what the white cell count is.  The wait is often horrendous in the clinic and this morning was no exception.  I kept thinking that I should move my car to another spot but I was in a hurry and just pulled up to the island under the shade of a tree and entered the hospital.  I stepped up to Clinic 2 window and stated that I required a blood requisition.... this is common for them to forget to fill one out in advance.  I waited 40 minutes then approached the clinic receptionist again.  "Sorry about that!"  She scrambled to get the requisition filled out and handed it to me a few minutes later.  I headed off to the lab and waved to Heather who announced that she has started a little garden, thanks to me.  We laugh and I head off back to wait at the clinic.

My appointment time was supposed to be noon but it was now getting on to 12:45 when I was approached by security.  "Hello m'am, could you please step over here?"  I followed him to a quiet spot a few dozen feet away and I told him I was sure I didn't do anything wrong but I felt a slight panic begin to rise when he turned to look at me.  "Do you own a black Cruze?"  I told him I did but I wasn't sure how he knew that considering I had left my car parked 2 hours prior.  He informed me that my car had been in an accident and it wasn't good.  How does my car get into an accident when I am not even near it and then it dawned on me.... my car has been hit. I just started crying and followed the security guard out the sliding doors and into the bright sunshine.  My heart sank as I saw my car had not only been hit, but it had been pushed 15 feet and rested into the bumper of the car parked behind me.  The hood was wrinkled, the rocker panel on both sides near the rear wheels showed buckling.  I started crying all over again.  I called the insurance company and they opened a claim while we waited for the tow truck driver.  The car that hit me had pulled around and parked right back into the parking space he had originally parked in so we were able to get the information.  He apparently had reported the accident to the security guard and had offered all his information.

Through the parking lot, we could see a couple heading towards the black Chevy Impala that my car had eventually come to rest against.  The security guard went to speak to them while I was on the phone.  The woman came over to me and gently pulled my scarf over my head to protect it from the sun and gave me a hug.  "Oh hun, I feel so bad for you", she said.  She said that she didn't feel right about the spot they had parked in but her husband insisted he park there.  Funny how we both had that feeling.  Max arrived and gave me a hug.  I had called him first after seeing my car.  As long as you are OK, we can replace the car.  We would later bump into them in the parking lot at the reporting center.

So my wonderful day began to slide with a side trip to go to the reporting center and then the automotive repair shop.  I have a good insurance policy and I received a loaner car immediately upon arriving to Oakridge Ford.  My car is a Chevy but they specialize in auto-body repair and my insurance company deals exclusively with them.  Yes, I purchase the daily insurance..... knowing my luck.... So the loaner turns out to be the same make and model (Ford) as the car that hit mine.  Great.

Sarah comes over in the early evening to go to Fabric Land.  They have a 50% off sale and I need netting for our pool scoop... from the industrious squirrel that tore ours to shreds and some fabric for our Gazebo to cut down the light through the roof.  It blocks the UV rays but it still allows for the heat of the sun to come through.

We arrive back home and I receive a phone call.... the day has ended with the tragic loss of my friend's daughter's soul mate.  His last day of work ended with his life lost due to a tragic ATV accident.  The tears just wouldn't stop today. My heart just breaks for her loss and it is a clear reminder that our lives are so fragile and to not sweat the little stuff.  My car will get repaired or replaced..... she will never see him again.... I am sending out love and support to you Anna through this incredibly difficult time.


Nannette Henriquez said...

Aww, what happened was really bad! It can be heart-wrenching that it was the first time you drove your new car and that had happened. The only consolation that we can take from it is that nothing bad happened to you.

Nannette @Auto Repair Scotts Dale AZ

Marita DeVries said...

Thank you Nannette. Seeing my car like that was devastating but a relief that I was not in it at the time!!!

Joellen Cirilo said...

I felt your pain when I was reading the story. Few things can be more disheartening than losing someone, especially if that person has been a part of your life at some point. I'm sorry to hear about your car, too, but nonetheless glad that you were okay.

Joellen Cirilo @