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Monday, July 15, 2013

..... and another wonderful, productive day......

..... with Sara in the morning.... setting up our work station on the dining room table and getting down to business producing the first three labs and the step-by-step instructional for this September's classes.  I am feeling good today and find myself almost giddy.  It is good being able to work from home.  It allows me to move around, take frequent breaks to get some food and lots of fluids at my fingertips.  We work steadily until early afternoon, take a quick break and continue plugging away. Sara is such a great friend and colleague... we work so well together and feed off of each other with creative ideas based on experience and knowledge. This will be an exciting year for us and the students.  We have made such progress that we break later on to take in a late lunch with my kids and then to take a swim on this brutally hot day after the work day is done.  I have my notes created, pics to incorporate and we will continue this on Wednesday.

Max and I have decided that he will resign his full-time job, take the remainder of the summer off and then we will both return back to teach at the college in early September.  We were so excited that we found the wonderful Champagne I was given for my graduation and Max popped the cork into the pool.  The kids and Sara gathered around to toast to our new life chapter.... mixed it with juice..... in our best crystal glasses..... and whooped!!!  Life is what you make it and making decisions to follow your heart and fill your days with joy was easier than we thought it would be.  Yes, we will both work hard but doing the things that make us feel like we are living our life!!

With the high temperatures, I put out a post on FB and invited whoever needed to cool off, to just come over.  Ameeta and Peter popped in with their son Sanjay.... long time friends who are always here to support us.  She has brought me a lovely headband.  When I checked the name on the tag, I was excited to discover that this lovely colorful band was made by a friend of mine's mother and had sold it to Ameeta at the new Ogilvie Market in Hyde Park.  I couldn't wait to take a pic and send off a copy to Celine... who sent it to her mother!!!  Now her Mom can be so proud to know that the lovely headband has found a good home.  I wore it doing some early evening gardening and it worked so well keeping the eyes clear of sweat in a very fashionably comfortable way.

It was a wonderful, wonderful day.... swimming with my family, giggling with my husband while floating in the warm waters on a hot day.  Feeling the love from so many many friends who have called, sent cards (thank you Adrienne for the beautiful card that came today!!!), visited and FB'd.  My family is deeply grateful for so much kindness... even my daughter wrote that it was the best week ever!!  I would have to agree.  Thank you all so much for celebrating our incredible life moments.... you never know how long you will be here... so take it in.... each moment.  I am deeply grateful. xoxoxo


Adrienne said...

Big hugs to you my friend! :)

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