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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

...... busy week ahead....

..... and it began early this morning getting Mitchel off to the airport for his trip out to BC to enjoy time with his girlfriend and her family at the cottage.  He is a quiet soul but you could tell that he was excited to be heading out and away for some R&R.  I will miss him but am glad that he will be away when I do my first chemo.  Part of me heads up and away with him as the plane soars into the brightening sky and i get his text that he is on the plane.  I smile as I head west in my car towards home.  The early morning fog in the fields is beginning to lift but the humidity is hampering my ability to get in a deep breath.  I weave in and out of highway traffic and feel the adrenaline as the car accelerates around the slower moving cars and trucks.  I love the freedom and the wind blowing through my now ridiculously red hair.  I dyed it on Canada Day with Sue's help and then finished it the day after.

Canada Day was spent with family, neighbour friends, close friends and dozens of other party goers.  Max and Len put on a wonderful show with a few tense moments as wayward fireworks made their way onto cars and towards them.  The winds would wane and then pick up again as Sue can attest to the amount of firework leftovers in her swimming pool.  The kids loved the parachute men..... which are no longer men but rolled paper???!!!  Some dangled in trees while others landed on vehicles.  Sarah and Tina have brought their own families with them and I smile as I look over at a now pregnant Sarah holding Miss Payton and Tina holding Gabi.  The best of friends who have stood the test of time and they are certainly not the rambunctious 9 year olds I once knew..... they are grown women who have become really great Mom's and I am blessed to be a part of their lives.  Treena. Tina's step daughter is 10 months older than Lydia.  The two girls have made fast friends with each other and Lydia has asked to have Treena stay over.  Sure, why not. 

The girls were busy all day!!!  After getting up, they cooked me eggs for breakfast, complete with fresh fruit which was amazingly great!!  They then spent the rest of the day creating dessert for dinner and cooking dinner using a recipe Lydia downloaded on her iPad.  Treena will be coming back on Thursday to stay with Lydia.  It is looking up to be a great summer for my children.  We are unable to take them on a holiday this year but will make plans to do something next year when we can.  

Barb arrives to clean my house....we have known each other for a few decades when we both worked at the TV station.  She has her own business but has decided to offer her time this morning to help me out.  I run out of breath easily with exertion.... its the pressure against my lungs and neck.  Both lungs are clear and I can get my breath if I stretch my neck slightly... the humidity does not help.  It is wonderful to catch up as she goes from room to room to wash, dust and vacuum the house.  I feel somewhat embarrassed that I have not been able to do spring cleaning this year.... it can wait until next year. 

I am sitting in my living room with the computer at my side, typing on my iPad in my lap.  I am surrounded by technology as I begin my work day.  I have a lot to accomplish in the days ahead.... things like replacing worn out batteries in the two thermometers that will be required to measure my temperature twice a day.  It is what they call a fever watch in the event there is an infection.  Taking precautions will be much easier this time..... now that I know what to expect.  I have a first aid spray, hand sanitizer and know to always keep any and all wounds clean and dressed.

Saturday I am hosting an event for the ladies in my life..... its time to take the hair off before chemo... I have some fun activities planned and if you didn't get an invite, please email me if you want to attend or FB me.  I won't miss it as much as I did the first time.... it is after all, just hair.  It was the loss of my eyebrows that really bothered me the most.  I always seemed to have this blank look on my face!!! LOL

Chemo is Monday at 11:30 am in the cancer unit at the hospital.  Max wants to be there with me as we start this next adventure together.  I have my fears but push them aside... we need to get this done!!  'git er done'!!    I will not be a part of the trial using Metformin due to the time constraints..  they need me to do all my testing over and with the risk of delaying treatment when I might end up with just the placebo is not an option this late into the game.

I wish to thank Barb for her kindness and for all those amazing souls out there who help out of the goodness of their heart!!! <3  Earth Angels, are everywhere and make sure you pay forward any kindness shown to you by others.  

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