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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

..... surgical day, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MAX

..... yesterday had some really magical moments and came at a good time.

I have received the call this morning from pre-admission. We are going over all my information on the phone due to my recent surgery, it is not necessary to come in for any testing. I am thinking that I have put on a few pounds in the past 5 weeks but nothing of significance. The nurse is informative and makes sure that she has all my items in order and packed in a kit for me to bring home when my surgery is done. It is a day surgery and requires a drain to be installed. She is making arrangements to have home care come and see me when I get home and every day after that. Please make sure you check how much mobility you have in your arm and be sure you exercise every day until you achieve that same mobility. I do not stop moving so I am thinking that I should manage to do that. She wants to know if I have any further questions.... no, not that I can think of. Good luck she says before she hangs up. OK

Mom and Dad brought Uncle Paul back much to the delight of all the kids and myself. Amazing how one person can create a magical glue between people. His smile is infectious and after tons of hugs and kisses it is time for lunch. I have a hair appointment in less than an hour so I busy myself making lunch while the in laws head out to the pond to admire Max's and my finishing touches. The rain storm the other night filled the pond in nicely - no worries about filling it with tap water... all the 'leaks' have been resolved and the waterfall has attracted the local birds and we can sometimes see them standing on the rock shelves bathing themselves and singing loudly. Our cat rather likes that a great deal and he keeps us busy these days shushing him away from the pond and its visitors. Watching these colorful residents brings smiles especially when the food is brought out and they come to the surface to feed... a wonderful distraction while sitting in the adjacent Gazebo. Time for lunch... we all sit comfortably in the family room and eat a simple lunch while chatting. I am grateful for these loving and wonderful people in my life.... what is the time.... got to go and meet with Thomas at the salon.

Thomas is an incredible and rare human being whom I met in college and became friends with as a student there many moons ago. I took electronics and he took controls engineering. He is intelligent on so many levels and has an extensive talent base. I am there at his salon to get my hair done...he really is a master of many talents. I enjoy the banter of his other client as we are both getting our hair 're-touched'. We laugh and swap stories. The afternoon passes quickly and the patron leaves after giving Thomas a squeeze. Soon it is my turn to go and I am sad that it is over so quickly. We stand there in the shop hugging - there is just the two of us. I do love you Thomas. xoxoxox and thank you so much for everything... I am humbled by your kindness and blessed by your friendship.

I make my way home looking fabulous and fresh with the new highlights and cut. Time to get dinner ready and I feel torn at having to do yet another chore at the same exact time that Miss Lydia needs to play a game..... funny how they only desire your company when you have something pressing to do. The guilt is overwhelming these days and I think that the 'mother-of-the-year award' will escape me for yet another year. I try not to tear up but she is now becoming demanding and difficult to talk to and I have to send her to her room for a time out.... the guilt is building faster. Uncle Paul comes to the rescue and gets the game ready and starts to play it with her - the 'Game of Life' is complicated and they decide that perhaps another game could be pulled out for later and to put this one away. Dinner is ready and Max is home just in time to sit down and catch up with Paul and the rest of the group. Mitchel has sprained his thumb and it is still painful from playing hide and seek the night before with Lydia, William and Eryn... he caught it on the upper bunk bed while trying to swing himself over the 'barrier'. It is bruised but not broken... although you would think otherwise with the drama!!

Max, Paul and Mitchel head out to purchase a game that Mitchel really wanted. We do not spoil our children but recognize their achievements or their contributions to the family by way of gifting. It is a wonderful consequence of good or admirable behavior and the children clearly see it as earned. Mitchel is quick to help out and is our go-to guy for dinner prep and watching over Lydia... it is amazing how mature he really is. Born on Valentine's day, he really is a sweetheart.

We spent the evening playing Mancala and Othello.... I needed to get to bed because I was so tired. I have packed my purse with Sue's OR bear and the shoulder pouch given to me by Faceit London to accomodate the drain that will be inserted during surgery and will be my constant companion for a few weeks afterwards. I have my crossword puzzle book but no magazines... won't really have that much time to read. After kissing and hugging Lydia again, and again... I climbed into bed. The boys came in and cuddled and hugged me goodnight. I know they are worried but do not share that with me. See you when you come home tomorrow mom.... love you. I love you all too, so very much.

I am up all night and after tossing for hours have decided just to give it up and come downstairs to blog.... I note the time now and it is 5 minutes before I really have to get up. I am to be at the hospital for 8 am and my surgery is for 9:30 this morning. I will blog when I can and Max will be calling, texting and emailing as many people as he can.... he will also make a note on my facebook for all my friends. Happy Anniversary Max!!! Love you always and forever.
Love always, Marita xoxoxoxox

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