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Monday, August 3, 2009

.... the long week-end

.... there is always something so redeeming about a long weekend in which the weather co-operates and is spent with friends and family....

Max had an opportunity on Saturday to carefully chisel out the rest of the pond and sculpt it into a shape that followed the contours on what it was in its previous life - my flower bed.... so unfortunate that the majority of plants would not survive the spades and two men in boots. I can see that the only plants to be salvaged are wilted in their pots and chances are that the blooms would not be appearing any time soon or ever again. I manage to crawl around the garden, finally feeling well enough to garden and Lydia is running in and out of the pool for the majority of the day. Nancy appears at the door in the afternoon and we get a chance to catch up..... has it really only been three weeks.... feels like a lifetime. She if off and running... I would see her later that night at JJ's and more hugs - thanks for being such a good friend.

Sunday... Max is finished the shaping of the pond and begins the process of putting in the rubber liner. Lydia is quick to jump into the 'pit' wearing work gloves and starts placing the small rocks along the bottom of the pond .... surprised that she is not inspecting each individual one looking for fossils - a favorite pastime with the multitudes of rocks we have in our pathways that when she finds one, it finds its way into buckets, pots or really any available carrier - pockets included - these are not lawn mower friendly but then, no rocks are. Done this task, she sits on the end of the deck with the business end of the hose playing with the stream as she fills the pit. Our neighbor shouts across the yards letting us know that he is impressed with the new pond ornament - a real original and colorful addition to our already visually busy oasis, we laugh and are grateful for the humor. The backdoor opens and Will announces the arrival of our guests - Annarita and Jenn are here!!! Hugs and hellos, we take them out to the Gazebo and enjoy a glass of wine in the wonderful sunshine. I haven't seen Jenn is so long and it feels good to catch up. Hard to believe that the last time I saw her was at her wedding about 5 years ago. Thanks for the yummy chicken Annarita and for coming out to see me. I miss you. They are off and running and I stand and wave as they drive off... been doing a lot of that lately... I really miss my life but am touched by all the really great people in my life who have offered friendship and love. Dinner comes and goes and our neighbors pass through the connecting gate we installed last summer with beer in hand, and after admiring Max's latest creation, we camp out in the gazebo and talk into the evening while Lydia and their two grandchildren play around the yard. We agree to meet in the morning when I will host breakfast and Lydia can continue to play with the boys.

Monday - we rise early enough to put on the coffee, dice up some fresh fruit, cut up Costco muffins (more like miniature coffee cakes), scrambled eggs and voila - come and get it!!! Max is going golfing with Mitch and John and he is so stoked!! Finally, he gets to go out and play while I get ready for our afternoon guests - Uncle Paul is staying for another week and the kids can't wait 'till he arrives. Mom and Dad are bringing him and staying for dinner. Life is great and we enjoy a quiet afternoon... at least Mom and I do as Lydia ropes in Grand Dad and commands him to play jailer and jailed.... she is the Warden and we rein in our mirth as our 74 year old Dad is made to sit on the slide while being lashed to it with the dog rope. Amazing that he is so jovial after about an hour of Lydia time :) They are pals through and through and he would go through anything as long as it was with her. She really has a way with him... he really needs to be a little firmer.. bless him, he is as sweet as the day is long. It is a process when they leave after a visit... we walk them out to the car, more hugs and kisses later.... I stand in the road and wave again... I sense a pattern here.....

It has been a fabulous weekend and we are eternally grateful for our family, friends and neighbors. Bless you all. Love always, Marita xoxoxoxox

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