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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

....the waiting game

29th July...
... today started out OK.... I really need to get out now that I am feeling better and want to take advantage of the 'promotional' I purchased for a friend of mine and myself months ago to a local Spa.... it is really not as easy as it sounds.... apparently the Spa does not have a booking available for next week... or the following week - or really any week up to the middle of September. Gee, I wonder if I will be available for an appointment 6 weeks from now? OK, to be fair, let me explain how this all works... The Spa hires the promotional company which produces said promotion "allow us to pamper you". The promotional company then charges the prospective client a $49 charge and tells you that you must do a minimum of 4 visits.... there are only 4 offers contained in the promotion with the option of an upgrade. Here's the catch - according to the Spa, they have every right to determine what appointment they will give you at their convenience because they actually get no money from the promotion but count on you purchasing the upgrade (they do not disclose this until you get testy) which will also get you an appointment closer to the time you actually would like to get one. Apparently I could get an appointment with this Spa in a matter of days (I called later in a different voice - I tried the quiet demure one instead - I know...) as a paying customer. I emailed them with my disappointment approach and I got the nice demure response but when I emailed that I had taken my business elsewhere... well they got a little testy... something about non-paying customers would have to be put into an appointment that would not cause them undue financial strain. I just want my $98 back. Mistake/misunderstanding and now lesson learned - I am now going to a really nice Spa with my friend who's birthday I had originally wanted to celebrate with. It is for Brenda A. who is my unsung hero who always does for everyone else and I thought she could use the break that I know that I could really use myself right now. We are going in 10 days on an afternoon that she has off. Just remember, a gift card to a place you wish to go to is really cash... anything else is a shameful promotion.

My mother and father in-law came this morning to visit and collect Uncle Paul. Lots of warm hugs and kisses and we are gathered out in the gazebo chatting about everything and anything. I love these moments with them and I savour their company. Uncle Paul is pulling together his belongings and making sure that his bedding is in the washer. He gives instructions to Mitchel to complete the task and turns to give me instructions to just take things easy. They need to go and inside, I want them all to stay. Paul will return and stay with us again soon. I walk them out to the car and joke about having to lean over to one side to look like I am even. They smile and call out that they love me... I love you too. See you soon, I wave and smile in an attempt to try to hide the tears that are threatening to fall.

Facebook is usually up and running from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. I tend to spend too much time on the social networking looking to chat with friends I have not seen in so long... I miss spending time with the girls in editing - hello!!! I miss you all and I am sending hugs. I miss my job - weird, I know... but I am used to being busy and being around people that I really like/love. With that not being a distraction... well, only so many dishes to wash and kitty cats to feed. Speaking of my cat - I am now his only servant who caters to him.... notice the word cat in 'caters'. He is tossing around his food dish and glaring into the back of my head. Soon his patience will wear thin and the dish will find itself being propelled across the floor in my general direction.

It's been eight days since the surgery and I am feeling much better - of course if you take into account the boredom that sets in when your energy level picks up. It is the classic waiting game and I am just waiting to hear back about the pathology and now need to fill the time in between. I still can't pick up anything past a few pounds and the pain varies depending on the time of day. I find nights are really tough to get through and the stress of not sleeping is causing my back to spasm. The Melatonin works relatively well and it would actually be my preference when compared to other options but like all sleep aids, you should take them at a reasonable time - twelve hours before you have to be up for action!! Tonight I take something to ease the back pain and the side effect apparently makes you sleepy. Apparently this drug also makes you incredibly giddy at midnight and leaves you cracking jokes as you make your way to the bathroom laughing like a hyena. I get back into bed and Max says 'can't sleep?' 'Are you kidding' I reply, in what sounds like a drunken stupor. I giggle as I get back into bed and attempt to gently rub one of the incisions still covered in steri-strips because it is sooooo itchy and I suddenly realize that the sloshing sound is not coming from my belly but from the breast. I giggle like an idiot and Max now rolls onto his elbow and the concern in his voice is making me laugh harder... ' We need to call the doctor, that can't be right?!' I am now almost hysterical with laughter and make some off the cuff quips which sends him rolling back onto his pillow. He is not amused. 'What do you suppose they would do at, what time is it anyway?' He grumps out the time.... I have no pain, itchy as all get out, laughing like an idiot and sleep deprived... at what is now 1 am. I flip onto my back, tuck the pillow under my arm and just hope for the best. Of course I make 'it' slosh a few more times...

30th July 2009

I have to get up? early this morning to go drop off my car to do the semi-annual maintenance check. I am not giddy but tired as heck and stumble off to the shower. I will not check the fluid level in my breast... I can see it is still swollen and looking like it could use a spa day. I imagine it covered in spa mud - bye bye incisions and bye bye itchiness!! I get to the dealership early and find out that all the work that is called for on my leased vehicle does not in fact need to be done. Thank you to the technician for being up front with me and taking care of me so quickly and I am off to home base. What a spectacular day, the sun is out. My husband calls concerned about - you know - and wants me to call the doctor... I read him the blog I am currently typing and he laughs when we get to the 'not amused' part. I explain to him that the fluid is a normal reaction to an injury and that in time it will go and leave an indent when it does. For now it is healing.

Eileen comes to visit today and we sit casually by the pool with our coffees just soaking in the sun... the only thing I can wear today that does not make me cringe is an old Tankini top that has a small support built in. The anchor on the front is a nice touch and we find ourselves laughing at whatever comes to mind... the sunshine is doing wonders for my attitude and I am able to shake the fatigue away. Lunch is spent as a casual affair under the shade of the Gazebo with the soft breezes keeping it comfortable. Mitchel joins us for some lunch and Eileen plays catch-up with them. She stays for a few hours and readies herself to leave a few minutes after William arrives home from work - good thing I got him out of bed this morning 20 minutes before he had to be there. Time to go, we help her gather her things and it is more hugs and kisses and she is off smiling and waving.

I am tidying up in the mid-afternoon when there is a knock on the door and i am presented with a lovely bouquet of Gerber Daisies... Wow what a beautiful bouquet, I thank the delivery man and bring them into the kitchen to ready them for one of the vases just vacated this morning by the beautiful pink Gerber Daisies given to me from Brenda and Terry. These ones are from my sister-in-law Marleen, Scott and their children Michelle and Iain. How thoughtful - I call and leave a message to call me back when they have a moment. Thank you.

Another knock an hour later brings a wonderful plant arrangement from the dental team at Dr. Spagnuola's office!! Thank you so much for such a lovely gift. You have all been so supportive of me and my family over the years and your hugs and best wishes have meant so much to us. Enjoy your summer and we will see you soon.

I know that my journey is not over... but is made easier by my family and the incredible outpouring from all those around us. We are humbled by the thoughtfulness. Thank you to my Mom and Dad in-law who are always ready to get in the car and travel to spend time with us.. Thank you to Sue for your steadfast support of me and for trying so hard not to tear up with me.


sweetyee said...

Editing misses you!!!
Who is going to fix the Beta machine when I have technical difficulties with it???!!?! I know, I'll BB pin you! hehe

Keep well and still looking for a day with you! Working all weekend :( But we'll have a day together!

Did you just get your nails done? What about pedicures for you? Let me know.. I want to take you out!

Miss you and sending you my best.
Thanks for the shout-out in the previous post for Norm and I. You are the sweetest woman ever!

Marita said...

I miss you, I miss you so much.... and your wonderful smile!! I finally got my nails done and they looks so beautiful. I had a pedicure done just before surgery and it really helped to relax me before the big event. Yes, Lydia and I got our nails done - she gets her toes done with flowers on the big toe... she looks adorable. I love pedicures and am always up for one especially with you!! Muah to you and Norm. xoxoxox