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Saturday, July 25, 2009

.... rough start, great finish

.... the rough start amounted to another sleepless night with hopes of an expected delivery of sleeping pills that were ordered the previous afternoon by Annette and were supposed to have arrived by the drug store's free delivery service then, but were not..... I am feeling grumpy

After a few emails and phone calls in the morning, we discover that the individual who had taken the call the day before had inadvertently not passed it on to the pharmacist - an honest mistake and the woman apologizes profusely and accepts responsibility. No worries, when can we pick up the script? Max will get it at lunch when he brings Will in for his job interview later this morning. The phone rings and I move back into the house from the deck where Max and Uncle Paul have begun clearing the flower bed out to make room for a Koi pond.

It is the secretary for my 'old' GP and she is asking what surgeon was I going to be seeing and I stare blankly into the receiver.... this is the third phone call in as many weeks from this doctor's office and I am perplexed with the question considering they were told weeks ago to not bother booking any appointments but to forward all my medical records straight to my new GP. She sounds nervous on the other end as she asks again who I am going to be seeing and I respond by letting her know how deeply disappointed I am in the fact that not only did they not ask me in for a consultation to discuss my diagnosis but that I am now into day 3 of my surgical recovery. She sucks in a soft breath and replies with 'Ohhhhh' but leaves it at that as I excuse myself with yet another 'Please forward all questions to Annette.....' I am not angry when I hang up the phone but as I make my way outdoors into the sunshine, I realize that I could have easily been a statistic - one who has fallen into the cracks and has been left to their own demise....

I call Eileen and chat with her for almost 40 minutes... we talk about what is bugging me and I find myself venting.... no sense in wasting any more time discussing yesterday's issues and so the two of us find more fun and interesting things to laugh about... she suggests a few ways of getting me to fall asleep and then we laugh until my belly aches. I can always count on her to drive me into hysterical laughter!!

I am bone tired and try to lie down but I am back up in a few minutes looking for something to keep my head less busy with.... no, no such luck. Max is off again getting supplies and now I sit in the Gazebo watching the darkening clouds approach... damn, looks like rain again. I have not had to water my garden and have been in no hurry to even turn our in ground sprinkler system on - why bother, the grass is green enough and growing fast as it is with all the moisture of the past weeks and months. Our new air-conditioner has been turned on a sum total of less than the digits in one hand. I make lunch and watch as the heavens open up again - I am sitting and having lunch with Uncle Paul who is covered in dirt, sweat and now rain. They have made little progress with the hole and I note that the pile of roots beside it would be one of the reasons why. Max and Will arrive back home and Will is excited that his first day on the job will be on Monday... I can only imagine that he has already spent the money before he has earned it.

My afternoon guest arrives just as the last ominous cloud has spent its supply of rain drops and I can see behind his head as we sit in the Gazebo, with the coffees he has brought, a few branches of lightening as the clouds reform and move into the north end of the city.... We chat about anything and everything and laugh infectiously - it feels so good to have Thomas with me today and I realize how much healing power his laughter and company brings. He stays as long as he can but before he goes, he promises to bring me some Melatonin later on in the evening. It will help me to relax and go to sleep without that druggy feeling and it is what he figures will help. This is the second time in a week that this has been mentioned to me and knowing how incredibly intelligent and well read Thomas is... I willingly accept his generous offer and look forward to seeing him later. I punch his cell phone number into my 'crackberry' and walk him to his car.... 'you know, you don't need any reason to pop in and sit with me', I say as I hug him. I love Thomas for so many reasons and I realize how much I have missed him in the years between..... life is good.

It is now late afternoon with Max and Uncle Paul having made some progress with the pond, they now have to pack it up and go pick Lydia up. I find a tarp for Paul in the garage and suddenly thoughts of Mandi pop into my head and I make a mental note to call her before she leaves work in a little while. I can hear the phone ringing as I maneuver my way back into the house from the deck and am giddy when I realize that it's Mandi on the phone. We chat for a few minutes and she asks what the family might want to eat for dinner.... less than an hour later she is at my door with Jet and Ava and an armful of KFC. I am grateful for her generous offer and place the items on the counter... 'are you staying for a bite?' 'No,' she replies, ' have to get the kids ready for vacation!' It is Friday night and she needs to get going. Hugs, laughter and more hugs, she pulls down the driveway with her signature grin and Jet calls out something to Lydia.... he won't repeat it but you know he likes his gal pal as he waves from the back seat. Two friends that have brought me so much happiness and joy today - thanks. My well is filling quickly today and the woozy head from having had no sleep jerks me back into the reality of getting the family fed.

I call Sarah before dinner, it has been 12 hours since I have heard from her and I am anxious to find out about baby Gabrielle. Tina has given birth to her at 2:40 p.m and although she is tired - her and Brock are besides themselves with joy.... we are too and I ooh and awe as Sarah retells the events of the birth she has just witnessed. I tell her I love her and send Tina, Brock, Treena, Pierce and baby Gabrielle my love and best wishes. I will visit with them when they are up for company.

Max is on the diving board getting ready for a quick jump into the pool before our evening guests arrive but doesn't make it in as we have early guests who have popped in from our last neighborhood. Huge smiles, hugs and kisses we sit down by the pit to catch up. Barry and Terry have arrived in their Saturn Spider and it sits outside on the street with the roof off almost daring the weather to kick up again. The mosquitos are coming out in full force and so are our neighbor friends. We sit around the fire laughing and chatting after all the introductions while the hose filled copper tube produces flames of green and purple in the pit. It is fascinating as it dances amongst the wood.... the neighbor is cutting up a hotdog and preparing to make a 'spider' dog. I am not familiar with this new ritual but it becomes clear when the horizontal cut lines of the hotdog begin to peel back forming 8 spider like legs!! I am filled with such joy surrounded by such warm loving people and it is invigorating... I am still bone tired but am so grateful that it comes from being physically tired.

I am ready for bed - I have had some red wine this evening and so opt for the Melatonin that Thomas brought this evening on his way by... no, he can't stay as he has other things to do but he will see me early next week. When I open the bottle, I realize that he has purchased a new one and not brought a few from his own personal stash. How thoughtful my friends are. I am lucky. I take my pill and it dissolves quickly as I prepare for bed..... I am up 6 hours later blogging this after having my first real sleep this week...

Thank you to Sue, John, Mitch, Brenda, Kevin, Uncle Paul, Max, Barry, Terry and all the children for being a part of a wonderful evening.... and looking forward to many more. :)

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