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Friday, January 31, 2014

...... its been a challenging week.....

... Wednesday 29th of January...

I started my day early, up around 6 am.  I am feeling good and looking forward to the day.  I have 3 labs today and a break somewhere in between where I host a number of students to catch-up on their work.  At 2:20 in the third lab of the day, I am leaning over a student and adjusting the scope controls when the world suddenly took a spin.  I stood, excused myself and entered Sara's office in the adjacent room just as the floor felt like it was giving way.  The sweat started and I slumped into her chair gripping the apple I had removed from my lunch bag.  Was my blood sugar low.... did the metformin tablet I took the half hour previous cause this?  Two bites and the vomit started.... and wouldn't start.  A student popped their head in the door... I managed to look above the desk and ask him to get Sara.  I could hear him disappear as I continued to throw up... even moving my head caused another sharp wave of nausea.  Sara appeared and asked what I needed - just my phone so I can call my husband.  

Fortunately Max was teaching and was able to leave his classroom early to come and attend to me.  With no way of getting vertical without more violent spasms, I asked them to call for medical help and then an ambulance.  Sara took over the class while student paramedics from the college stood by and assisted until the ambulance showed up.  The two paramedics immediately asked my medical history while one of them adhered sensor tabs to strategic locations to monitor my heart.  They were able to get me on the stretcher and wrapped up to go.  

The paramedic with me in the back of the ambulance was in his mid 40's and was the sweetest guy.  He was telling me that it was amazing that I had cancer and was still trying to live my life to the fullest.  He made sure that I was taken care of and made the transition to the hospital gurney by asking me how i wanted to be transferred.  He obliged the request to have me pulled using the sheet..... as he walked away, the heaving began again.

Five hours later, with a bag of gravol and saline solution and I was finally upright and shuffling through the emergency department.  The nausea was finally over.  The doctor came out to see me and explain that I likely had BPV.... basically a vertigo that is benign.  It likely has nothing to do with my cancer and I find this to be a relief.... I am tired but feeling better

30th January 

I have a CT scan booked today... I am booked into the emergency CT scan on the main floor at University Hospital.  I have to drink a contrast over a period of an hour and then have another one intraveniously.  There are a few people sitting in the small cramped waiting room as I approach the kiosk where a receptionist is sitting.  She slides the window open and I notice she is wearing a pink lanyard with pink ribbons on it.  She prepares my cocktail and sets it beside me.... in a few minutes she will walk by and stop in front of me.  She points to her lanyard, smiles then lifts her pink runners....."we're bossom buddies"... I stand and offer her a hug.  She returns the smile and says "I'll see you back here in 20 years"  I told her that I would hold her to that.  She smiles and turns to walk away.  I return to my seat and the gentleman next to me speaks to me.  He asks me if I have ever done this before..."oh yes..... a few times and this cocktail does not taste better no matter how many times" Most of the patients including the woman who arrived a few minutes after me have cancer or are in the process of being diagnosed.  

I have to have an IV inserted.  The vein is getting difficult to insert a needle into and needs a saline syringe to push it through the valve in order to be properly seated.  The new receptionist notices my tattoo and offers to put some lotion on it when I am done with the scan.  Evi calls me into the suite and talks me through the procedures.  I am to blow out my cheeks in order for the scan to see around the base of the tongue.  The scan will focus on head, chest and abdomen.  It will be compared to the previous scan done on the 17th of October.

31st January

Terrible sinus headache this much as I do not want to, I take some advil cold and sinus to help to reduce the pain so I can teach.  Not sure why I am under the weather today but the crazy cold and pressure changes has not helped.  Today will be the warmest day in weeks.

I am dedicating this blog to Melina who is in the hospital being treated for lesions that have appeared in her brain.  She is keeping the faith and all her friends and family are keeping her in their prayers as am I.  I love you Melina.... there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you.  Blesses.

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