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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

...... I have a new tattoo

..... On my right forearm.

I am born in the year of the Dragon....a strong force of nature with a Dragonfly hitching a ride on its tail. It has FAITH that the Dragon will look over her.  The dragonfly is a lucky symbol to me....a delicate but resilient winged insect choosing carefully where it lands.  In the summer when I float on my back in the pool and look to the sky, I can see them skirt around avoiding the predators that fly overhead as they make their way to our pond.  Their mysterious segmented wings in the delicate shades that help hide their transit from place to place starkly contrasts in the dull of an overhead sky.  

In the late summer, I reached into a potted plant and a small winged inhabitant landed on my hand from under a leaf and stayed for a split second before winging off to the garden and out of reach.  How lucky for me that this beautiful creature would land on a Dragon.....and grace me with luck. It shows the delicate balance of strength and fragility.....  Thanks to Anthony at True Love Tattoo in London for tweaking the artwork and for finding a great spot for FAITH.  I love this magical piece that will remind me to stay balanced and be grateful for all that comes my way.  Thank you to my loving husband for the gift certificate!!  Xo

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