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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

....... I sold my Dragon boat Gear.....

..... and had no idea how emotional it would be.  I carefully packed up my kayak vest, racing paddle, gloves and racing jersey.  I then headed out to the local gym where I trained with my first team. Carolyn was waiting in the foyer for me when I arrived.  She is such a sweetheart and I am happy that she will have a great racing paddle to use on the water.  I show her the stickers on the paddle.... the ones that Max designed especially for me.  I look up and let her know that she would probably like to take them off.  Wether she does or not, I know the paddle will be used instead of spending another year in my basement.  Last summer I could barely breathe and was unable to compete with the Waves.  We chat for a bit and the tears come.  I didn't want to be emotional.  We hug and I walk away.... the end of one chapter on the same day another one opened...

..... I received a call by Wellspring (cancer support through yoga, reiki, drumming, art therapy etc) to thank me for my recent donation.  I indicated that I am a member but had not attended any classes in a few years.  I want to do yoga again and asked what days.  I am now signed up to start this Thursday morning with Valerie!!!  I will be excited to see her again.  I will just be happy being with a small group and stretching out the muscles on a cold winter morning and then meeting for a hot cup of tea after.  

This morning I went to my fave chiropractor Dr. Laura Gravelle to continue to work at my neck which is still causing some pain and of the right clavicle that is sore.  I would love to get together with her Mom and soon to discuss the Barley Life.  She would be please to note that after almost 10 days I am registering 7.0 on the PH scale.  I am almost there!!!  I am gradually upping the portion I am taking without suffering from the cramping that happens when you make dramatic changes to your diet all of a sudden.  My energy level is going up but I have to be mindful to not wear myself down by using it all up running around doing errands and cleaning house.  Last night I was so exhausted by 8 pm that I drifted off to sleep and then got up at 9 am.  I succumbed to taking Melatonin to get me there. 

My sister is halfway across the world scuba diving off the Australian Barrier Reef!!!!  What a great adventure they are on.... it was on their bucket list of things to do before they were too old to do it and as empty nesters in their forties (Al, is now officially 50) it is a dream come true.  The time will go by fast but for now, they will tour around for 2 months enjoying each other and the reason why they both work so hard.  I think Max and I will head out for a little mini trip soon now that I feel more energetic than I have in months... we're thinking Vegas since I have never been there and want to experience what so many of our friends talk about.  We have a little money which I am sure we can stretch to make it happen.  I wish my lovely, wonderful, fantastic and gorgeous sister and brother in-law the most amazing trip ever!!!!  So far the pictures are fantastic and we don't have to wait until the summer to see them!!!!  I love you both, stay safe and live large!!! xoxoxoxo

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