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Monday, February 3, 2014

..... the more you learn about what you eat....

... the less inclined to want to eat anything manufactured!!!

My household is eagerly anticipating our new juicer... it will be here tomorrow.  We spent the weekend going through the cupboards and emptying out what we would not be eating.  Our goal is to completely rid our pantries of anything we have not made ourselves or have purchased from organic sources.  I spent a small fortune on seeds from a local big box hardware store  which will save hundreds of dollars in food bills when we begin harvesting in the summer and fall.  I will also be collecting the seeds of the veggies we will be growing in order to reduce the cost for next year.  We purchased: swiss char, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, celery, leak.. and the list goes on....  My kitchen is now host to our mini green house.  I will start to also grow my own broccoli sprouts for the juicer - they only take 2-5 days.

My research has expanded into iodine and a link to cancer through a depleted iodine intake.  Back when I was a kid, breads, pastries etc contained added iodine but a change in the industry to bromine has left what the holistic industry believes to be an epidemic in cancers and Thyroid problems.  Goiters in people were almost completely eliminated until iodine was no longer used in highly consumable breads and pastries.  Iodine, according to what information I have gathered is responsible in helping cells to die when they are supposed to (apoptosis)  source:   I am currently adding 1 drop of iodine to a small glass of water at the end of the day.  Caution must always be used when taking any supplement.  

Too many people go overboard in desperation in hopes of a quick fix for what ails them.  Keep a journal of what you are taking and when.  Note how you are feeling generally and if you have any specifics i.e pain, swelling etc.  Note the colour of your skin - are you too pale?  Are you sleeping well or are wakeful?  Are you eliminating daily?  Keep a journal of your daily intake and any observations.  Your body will react strongly to a detox making you feel worse in the days after starting and you will want to write that down.  How long did it take to start feeling better?  This will help you to identify foods that make you feel tired and worn out and others that make you feel amazing.  Are you hydrating using a freshly squeezed lemon in good filtered water?  This will help to turn your body's PH to an alkaline.  Cancer not only loves sugar, it loves an acidic body chemistry.  Using a simple PH detector strip first thing in the morning will help you to easily determine this.

I suffer from chronic sinusitus, which often threatens to cause discomfort and painful headaches.  I use a neti pot to flush the nasal passages 3 times per day.  I am no longer using cold and sinus remedies and the pain is gone.  This flushing will allow my immune system to handle what is left.  

Helping your immune system to strengthen through food and nutrient intake, reducing infections and inflammation with minimal use of antibiotics (only when necessary), keeping your personal hygiene up, dental care (it is said to avoid root canals and just have the tooth pulled), hydrating with herbal teas, water and lemon water, drinking pure water (not bottled or unfiltered tap), exercising daily and taking time to relax and reflect on you, finding work that inspires your passions (not a JOB), having positive goals and removing negative people and influences from your life.... Laugh every day and connect with others that bring you joy. 

 See the good in everything around you.... the guy who cuts you off isn't trying to make you angry so don't react... just think that he needs to get to his destination at least one car length ahead of you.  Eat at a restaurant with people who treat the waitstaff with respect and share with you the funny moments of the week.  Try to be kind and patient with those who lack both.  Make plans with your family that everyone wants to do, even if it is only a day trip.  Do something every day that proves you are committed to improving your health, spiritual life and emotional/mental well being.  Do one act of kindness to improve someone else's day.... it will have a positive impact on more than that person's day.  Smile and wave.  Grow something green.  Call someone out of the blue to say hello.  Be genuine when you compliment someone.

Please continue to pray and send positive vibes to Melina and her family as she fights the cancer that has metastasized into her brain. 

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