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Saturday, February 8, 2014 before spring should include toxic people...

..... even if it means a family member.  While I have written on this subject a few times over the years and I often reflect on how I grew up, I have struggled with trying to rid myself of a lifelong bully who has continued to be relentless in her need to control, humiliate, slander and undermine me.  It is becoming clear to those of us looking at the situation that it is time she sought out a mental health care professional to help her sort out her deep seated issues.  GG has played out her last card.  My illness has taught me to not waste time with people who do not support and care for me and especially when I have been at my lowest.  It is true that bullies are opportunistic parasites that sense weakness and strike to their advantage.  I am strong and resiliant and am back on my game... like the cancer within, this bully has been given notice..... never again.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have the rest of my life to live without the two of you......

.......I am spring cleaning my house and getting rid of items of clutter that I do not use or do not need anymore.  With t-shirts that I do not wear, I can alter them as sleeveless with V-necks or reuse them as dogbed covers... I think that is what I will do with the ones that are piling up in my 'I don't know what to do with you pile'.  There are clothes we keep that do not fit and I will try to repurpose those items so that they are used until they wear out or donate them if they are in good shape.  I look around and I notice that we have so much 'stuff'.  How did we end up with so much stuff????   I remember a time when we first moved into this house and it was barren.  My children are growing up fast and then there will be just Max and myself.... while I want my children to be independant, I am not looking forward to seeing the last one leave the nest.

My little greenhouse seedlings are starting to pop up through the earth!!!  How exciting after only 1 week of being in the moist warm soil.  The sliding doors that the greenhouse is positioned in front of are SE facing and the sun is setting later in the day.  I have added plant food to the water to help give them a good head start.  The first ones to peek up are the Swiss Chard and the tomatoes.  I am looking forward to planting them around the garden in the spring amongst the flowers.  I also have a few asparagus poking up in the shallow tray.  I need more trays to accommodate the mass amount of seeds I have bought.  Max is excited to help build potato boxes and plan out a vertical garden where we will be able to maximize the small garden patch we have in the back yard.  I will soon be planning out some boxes in the front yard to grow veggies in a creative and attractive way.  We have so much front yard that is hosting bad lawn when it could in fact be hosting a productive food source.  The rabbits are bad in our neighborhood so the creativity will have to include anti bunny blockades.

This Tuesday I will be seeing both my oncologists to see where we are at.  With the proactive attitudes in my illness of helping my body to heal itself with what is known to help clean the body at a cellular level and to support the immune system by choosing foods wisely. Healthy attitudes, healthy mind can only create a healthy body. I have now dropped below the 180 pound mark!!!!  Wow, I have not seen this weight since before I was first diagnosed over 4 years ago.  As my co-worker and friend Sara said on Friday... I have not seen you this energetic or this good since before you were diagnosed.... 2 months ago, she said, Ihad given up and now she sees such an incredible change.  I am happy to announce that she has decided to create a healthier her with the purchase of a juicer and a desire to start her own healthy garden.  Cheers to a fantastic start to 2014!!!!

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