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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

...... nearing the end of the semester.....

..... after a busy couple of months deploying a new course.  I am sitting in the lab looking out at a sea of students attempting to complete their projects by the end of the week.  Next week they will be troubleshooting the boards we faulted for them with their own Logic Probe.  It's hard to fathom how much they have learned as Sara and I gaze over the group working intensely at their stations.  Students assisting each other, some tracing their own board faults while others meticulously solder their components into a now familiar perforated board.  They struggled through their last project but now they show confidence.  There is no better feeling in the world in a classroom of students who rejoice in their successes!!!  The fist pumping, broad grins and laughter when they get their project marked off.  Pride shows in their desire to produce a project that looks as good as it works.  Even those whose skill is novice are trying to improve and create a project that they can be proud of.

It has been a wonderful adventure, creating a new course and unveiling it week by week.  It is an immense undertaking that is made easier by having Sara assist along the way and give me valuable feedback.  She plays the devil's advocate and challenges me to always try harder and be better. In the end, I will always have a great course for the students to learn from and of course enjoy those hard-earned moments of euphoria when they power up their project and it works!!!

The next few days will find me creating a number of examples of resumes for the students to use as a guideline for their own portfolios.  This is what we do... prepare them for their future with as many skills as we can give them!!!  I am sure they feel like their heads are so packed full of information that it feels like they are going to burst!!!

Today I had lunch with Carol.  It was a rare moment to sit and talk quietly about my blog and my life...raw and unscripted and at times difficult.  I spoke to a challenging past and the personal growth that has brought me to where I am today, strong and resiliant. I glance out the window at the serene landscape of snow, angled rooftops and gently falling flakes....I like who I have become...I am honest with a deep sense of ethics.  I own what I do and apologize when I am wrong.  I love and adore the blessings of three children and a kind and loving husband.  Carol, you are a wonderful soul and thank you for sharing your time with me.

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