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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

...... change in plans?

We almost had to miss Convocation day!!  Of all the days in June to book an ultrasound guided biopsy and it had to be smack dab in the middle of my Convocation.  I did not want to miss the event I have dreamed about all year, but then, I did not want to delay the biopsy.  I asked my Oncologist to see if booking could change it but if not, I would settle with the original appointment.  Thankfully I only had to wait overnight with a quick early morning call from nurse Marg to let me know that the appointment has changed to the Wednesday....two days before!!!  That gives me one day to recoup for the big day.  I am grateful for the efforts and coordination it takes to shift schedules and to squeeze me in.

The procedure should take approximately 1 hour (I believe with sedation) in the ultrasound room.  With the lump having moved above the clavicle in the past few weeks, this should make it easier for them to work with it.  It has grown in size since I first discovered it months ago.  While I am concerned about the fact the cells are in the nodes around it, I am confident they will find a sample of the cancer and be able to map the next course of events.

I am still volunteering at the high school part-time to assist the substitute teacher.  This week I am teaching soldering techniques to the senior group of students.  There is one girl in the class and she has bragged to me all semester about her soldering ability and that she really doesn't need to take any lessons.  Ah youth!!  As it was, she did poorly when it came to soldering the few components she was asked to do on a perforated board I had supplied to each student.  After a litany of excuses, I sat with her and showed her how to properly solder.  She will continue to practice until she perfects this sometimes difficult skill.  It is the first exercise where I have been able to get an ADHD student to complete the task and he did remarkably well..... with fist pumps and high fives, his smile lit up the room.  Talk about exciting!!!  Even our nervous chatterbox sat quietly engaged and did an amazing job!!!  Mrs. C was just so happy to have me help her in the classroom.  She has done well with the students and is learning how to effectively deal with them and they are learning to descipher what she is saying through her heavy accent.

The Spec Ed online course I am taking is great.  I love being able to do this course when I feel comfortable sitting down to work on it, which is usually before bedtime.  There is so much reading and writing associated with this course along with discussions, which are my favorite aspect of the course.  I will be taking a Green Industry course in July- also online and it is only being offered once!!!  How lucky am I?

I am also busy doing curriculum development for Fanshawe which involves a lot of research and development.  So far I have created the bones of a project build and this week will have a firm plan in place to create the meat of the labs and the lectures to accompany this project.  I am so excited for the fall intake now that I have a greater insight to teaching and the experience of two technical high schools which feed into Fanshawe.

All in all, feeling very positive this week.  I am looking after myself, eating properly and reducing the carbohydrate intake.

I dedicate this blog entry to all the people behind the scenes at the Cancer Clinic who make it happen every day for patients like me.  To my Oncologist Dr. Locke for making sure that things get looked at  right away.  I am deeply grateful to those who have offered support and kind words to myself and my family.  To Lydia's supportive and loving teachers Patti and Niki - you are truly a blessing in our lives and we cannot thank you enough. xox

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