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Thursday, June 20, 2013

...... busy week while waiting for results.....

.... and enjoying my time working on the back deck.... which is where I am right now blogging.  There is a chill in the air and a clear blue sky.  This is day 2 of setting up my office outside.  It is hard to work on days like this in the basement.  Oh look, a squirrel!!!  He is hanging in the branches above the neighbor's roof.  The gardens are in full bloom including the mass of tomato plants.  A Bluejay has come to see what I am doing.... he is inching closer on the eaves while the squirrel makes its way back into the next tree after racing across the neighbors roof.  The Bluejay is now peering at me from the top of the fence.  He is more curious about the clacking of the keyboard as I type.  I can hear a Mourning Dove in the next yard behind me and the trickle of the pond waterfall which Max repaired last night.  There are finches playing in our apple tree and an assortment of others foraging for food in the now empty bird feeder.  Everyone should have such a wonderful office!!

June 14th, my husband organized a truly wonderful surprise dinner at the Palasad after an amazing day of graduation at Alumni Hall.  Max said I had quite the cheering squad.  :) What a gorgeous day filled with hugs, best wishes and loving friends.  Thank you so much Max for pulling together as many of my friends as you could.... I should have guessed you were up to something when you asked me to unlock my phone!!

My father-in-law had his second hip surgery on Monday after being in excruciating pain for some time now.  We affectionately refer to him as the 'Titanium' man now that he has had both knees replaced and both hip joints replaced.  He is such a trooper!!!

I have officially finished my time at Beal this past Tuesday.  Mrs C has been such a wonderful substitute/LTO and after many hugs and promises to keep in touch, she hands me a lovely thank you card.  She writes that I have inspired her to reawaken that excitement for teaching again after a decade of supplying.  Adam comes over for a hug and lets us know how much he enjoyed working with us both.  I will miss working with this team!!  With all the money the government wastes..... it wastes it on themselves instead of putting it into creating collaborative teaching, which I find works so well and the students get the benefit of a unique blend of ideas and approaches to learning.

Yesterday I received a text from a classmate.... apparently my photo did not make it onto the Technical Graduating Class of 2013, along with about 9 others.  The original sign up for the pictures did not have the Technology selection available which is why our pictures did not make it on the class picture. It would be ironic in terms if it shows up in the Drama group with the people I spent the majority of my time with.  I will miss all of these wonderful, young, energetic and fun colleagues!!!  Muah!!!

I am still waiting for results which will likely come at my scheduled appointment next Wednesday the 25th.  Until then, I am busy drawing up the lab sheets for the course I will be instructing in the fall.  The parts are ordered, software is in place and now it is just a matter of pulling all the notes together.  Some major changes that will give the students a more hands-on approach to learning and a series of lectures that support the lab fundamentals.  I am excited to be back in the groove!!   Its fabulous working with Sara, John and Mitch this coming semester. It is a collaborative and supportive team, always tweaking to improve the students experience.  I consider myself very lucky indeed!!!

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