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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome to the new semester of students....

..... it has been a busy first 3 weeks of the new semester in the college!!!  The support staff strike meant that the lab assistant would be unavailable for the first 2 weeks of school.  My prayers were answered and Sara has returned fresh from the picket line and back into the groove.  We are both busy with a number of students who are eager to get started and get organized.  I have done the same lecture for 8 classes this week and I can almost hear me slurring the words.  The occasional student appears to be drooling at their desk behind heavy lidded eyes - it's not just their first year... for most, it's their first year away from home.  There is so much information being thrown at them, it's a wonder that they are retaining more than the obligatory minimum.  We see many different students from around the world and across the street.  Soon, we will all find our rhythm.  I started a now my students and faculty can read what we have covered during the week and what they need to study.  Our first exam is a few weeks away and we have a number of ideas to cover until then!!

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MysticalGemini said...

In other words.. get studying everyone!!!