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Thursday, September 29, 2011

.... Welcome to the new gals who came out this week to try out Dragon Boat paddling!!

It is hard to believe that in a mere few weeks, I will no longer be considered a newbie!!!  I had a new girl ahead of me and one behind and although there were a few hits to the paddle in the beginning, Marianne in front did exceptionally well and the one behind was grinning from ear to ear.... ahhhhh yes, the magic of being in a boat moving with the heartbeat of 20 paddlers in time!!!  it was getting into the dusk hours with the skies threatening rain and the cool wind on our exposed limbs.  The splash of the occasional paddle hitting the rise of water beside the boat created a spray and mingled with the few drops coming down.  The flock of seagulls by the thousands rising up with the approach of the boats... 4 boats with members of the PenDragons, Rowbust and prospective new members for each team.  What a thrill!!!  Coaches Cheryl and Sarah are amazing in their engaging banter.  One of the gals in the PenDragon boat started blowing bubbles and we all watched them drift past the four Dragon boats bobbing gently at our imaginary start line.  READY READY was called, then a GO and we were all off paddling with great time and speed... exhilarating.  No matter how tired I was today after an early start, the fatigue easily washed away with each stroke of the paddle.  I LOVE DRAGON BOATING!!!

Tomorrow I am off to meet with Andrea Horvath, our provincial NDP leader for a gathering here in London.  We both know that the wages for those in CEO positions at our tax-payer funded hospitals is outrageous and needs to be capped.  It's been 18 months since I last met with her in Queen's Park where she stood and introduced me to the members while asking them to consider the CEO's outrageous wages and the plight of the nurses.  I will stand with her tomorrow as she addresses the constituents of London about this and other health care issues.  Go Andrea Go!!

I am feeling tired these days and have not yet caught a break.... I need to rejuvenate my batteries but will not be able to until this semester winds down.  The time passes so quickly now that I am incredibly busy!!  January will come soon enough when my LTD runs out and I will know what happens to my full-time position and how I will be bringing in an income....

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