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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Life is getting busier.....

..... and I am loving every minute of it.  I am in the process of getting ready for another Dragon Boat season, now that my 'newbie' year is officially finished!!!  What an amazing year of personal growth!!  The breast cancer journey sent me on a different path and woke me up to a whole new way of living my life.  For some of us A type personalities, it often takes an abrupt wake-up call to determine where your life should have been heading all along.... only the hints along the way just never quite got our attention.

MY VISALUS BUSINESS - I am feeling confident that I am on the right path these days to fulfilling some of my life-time goals.  I have started a new business with ViSalus and loving the product line that they offer  The great thing about this business is that it grows itself.  I simply put it out there and any customer can become a distributor through me with products being drop shipped straight to their home and to their customer's homes. This really translates to a no-brainer business where you can have clients from around the world!!  They can develop their own business and make money doing it.  

The Dragon Boat competition season on the Canadian waters has come to an end for our team.  November will bring with it a number of new members and a training schedule in the gym.  I will miss the summer training on the lake!!  Next year, I will be stronger, faster and more competitive than I was this year.  I am looking forward to our end of season party next month and the new electronic yearbooks that we are producing for all members of the we can really show off our stuff to family and friends during the holiday season this year.

I am currently drawing up a first evaluation exam for my students and creating next weeks lecture where my students will be using what they have learned in a more practical application.  Building circuits in the practical labs is proving to be fun for the majority of the students and my animated lectures are keeping most of them awake!!  I remember being a student and thinking to myself... what have I gotten myself into... when there was so much information coming at me!!!  No worries, they will all come to understand the information in time and I know there are a few each year who literally jump out of their seats when they finally 'get it'..... the epiphany!!! 

Max is amazing - after all these years, he is so supportive of my life.  I think he knew 13 years ago that he just needed to get in, tighten up the seat belt and hang on for dear life..... we have yet to sit still for too long.  He is one of my biggest fans and I have to remember as I come back online from my illness that I still need to take time out for us both!!  Will is finishing up his grade 12 this year and I expect that he will head out to the college and take welding or some other 'hands-on' trade... just like his Mom.  Mitch is enjoying his first year of grade 9, trying to keep his acne at bay with Acutane and teaching himself the electric guitar through YouTube.  Lydia is in grade 4 and is showing a great deal of independence.  She has decided to join the cross-country running team and is proud to report that she has placed 39 out of over 200 competitors in her first race!!!  I love that my family is pursuing their own interests and keeping it fun at the dinner table each night!!  

I am still between two worlds... my long-term disability ends in January and the decisions that need to be made regarding my full-time job will become apparent at that time.  It is a tough gig not knowing what will come next and trusting that I will be OK no matter what the outcome.  I have learned to trust that everything happens for a reason (so cliche) and that not everything that happens is always bad.... and even if it is... something good always comes after..... the silver lining in the dark cloud.  Life is good.

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