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Sunday, December 8, 2013

..... Simple Pick-up donates a larger sum of money to a single mom with cancer.....

...... after the BCRF declined their original $2200 donation upon finding out through complaints that the group 'Simple Pick-up'  had in fact motorboated women's breasts on a public beach using the Charity's name without express permission...... and outside of what anyone would consider 'in good taste'. So they slammed the charity instead of apologizing..... and then came up with yet another scheme to show that Charity and all the 'femi-Nazis' what really stand up guys they are.  Why didn't they advertise on their 'how to pick up women' website and provide a direct link to their group donation site on the BRCP instead of choosing to motorboat women's breasts?  They brag about how many members they have, so why not send out an email with the link?  Because that is not what they are about.... it's Pink October and hey.... why not try a stunt that allows them the opportunity to grope women on a public beach??

They decided to donate a much larger sum of money to a single mom who is going through the journey.  They slam the charity about how they are missing out on this donation which has now gone from helping research to helping out one woman and her family.  So now they are the good guys..... or are they just trying to make themselves look good?  They did help.... even if it is only one woman and her family... so how many others did they say they would have helped with their original fundraising venture?  Most big boys would donate without shoving it in our faces and applauding their effort to help the cause.... which, in their own video statements..... they know very little about Breast Cancer.... they know more about how to push the envelope of good taste to create a client base and to gain them notoriety.... and lately.... sympathy.

Want to do the right thing?  Then do the right thing by raising money like most people..... respectfully within the boundaries of the Charity whose name you are using.  Raise money without banging your own drum..... there are 6 year olds that can raise more money than you without being disrespectful and do it because it is the right thing and not a way to promote your 'values'.  Most charities appreciate your donations when it respects the recipients that the money is intended for.  Yes, every little bit helps.... when all the little bits are pooled together....just my 2 cents.....

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