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Friday, August 31, 2012

......and on to a new life......

I am ending this blog on a really high note.....there is a new blog set aside for the next year of adventures as a middle-ager on a path to a new life now that the cancer journey is over.  Along with the departure of anything cancer, although I still do speaking engagements, I have set lofty goals for a healthier, happier life surrounded by those who I love and who reciprocate that love in return.  I have said my good byes to my toxic eldest sister and have severely cut short the visits with my chronically negative mother.  I do however adore my Dad and continue to spend a few nights a week enjoying his company while putting him to bed.  I have gained new friends and lost others in the lifespan of this blog.  Learned what I needed to shed, besides some weight and what I wanted to keep.

Keep up with me as I step forward and not look back....

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