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Sunday, July 8, 2012

......comes in 3's....

....and feels like a call from the universe. I see the 333 everywhere and most notably when I am feeling out of sorts. The Internet search comes up with a number of different explanations but the one that grabs my attention puts me on notice to put myself back in balance. The mind, body and spirit kind of balance....and should one be more pronounced than the other, the triangle of 3 gets out of whack!! This is the year of great change and rude signifies a shift in attitudes and behaviors, making it my emotionally challenging year.

I have seen 333 again this morning and note my level of discomfort over the past week. My sister has come to town and judging by how miserable I was on Thursday morning last week, I should have known she was on her way. My stomach is twisted into knots and has been since she arrived by 'surprise'. I wondered as I went to bed that night why she chose not to visit our ill father knowing from my text messages that he was running a dangerously high temp but was persuaded to come to my house for a beer despite her pounding headache? The next morning, she was distracted by her ringing cell phone when we were speaking to the staff who care for our father. When she noted it was Mom's friend calling from Elgin, she had to immediately return the call and left me to finish the conversation? She spent a few minutes saying hi to Dad and then her and Mom were off to visit their friends 5 hours away leaving me to administer her holistic medicine.....

Little did I realize, she had made arrangements with my brother to get together on the holiday but when it became clear that she would not be returning until the day after, he decided to not take the trip down to visit us. She spent the time with her friends in Kingston. This after telling me she thought Dad was near the end......makes you just want to scream!!!

Throughout this whole adventure, I am being texted by her letting me know that her new cell phone is acting up and she is not receiving phone calls or barely getting her texts or it is running dangerously low on battery life....darn technology!!! In the meantime, I am caring for Dad and my Mother's cats. Mom had given me her house key a day or so before my sister arrived because she thought that I may need it....did she know my sister was coming?

I feel used and manipulated.... Max asks me why I am always surprised by this behavior from her and I have no other response but that I am deeply disappointed. He doesn't like confrontation and chooses to just be the all around great guy that he, I just want her to go away and to cease her constant bid to control everyone. She has spent my whole life tormenting and bullying me. She has, with this trip, finally crossed a line she cannot cross back over.

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