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Friday, April 4, 2014

..... time to find a relaxing moment with friends....

.... and getaway for a quick fix to a local spa.  I have not been to one in years... at least not since my last cancer journey.  My friend Mauricia is not feeling well and sure could use a relaxing moment, worry and care free.  So, today I am booking us in!!!  It will be a great way to welcome in the new season.

We have finally drawn up the list of items we need for our above ground garden and sent off to see if we can have some or most of the necessity list filled so we can get started.  Our new design is friendlier and easier to create but not cheaper.  The initial investment will run us around the 1500 dollar mark if we are frugal.  The plants which we are growing should produce enough seed stock and virtually cost us nothing to obtain other varieties if we seed swap.  Creating a catalogue of seeds and sharing with others will pay dividends.  Currently, my green house is really sprouting and doing exceptionally well now that the daylight hours is steadily increasing.  I am doing some experiments with cold-framing in the back yard to see what in fact survives.....if anything.

Yesterday I was outside sweeping and raking up the remnants of a long winter from our driveway and front lawn.  Without getting into detail.... some of which are hysterically funny........ the neighbor and I have decided that 1. we will never speak to each other again and 2. I will never speak of their property again as I remind him that they cut down city trees, broke a few noise and animal bylaws, park in the neighbor's driveway without permission......I could continue but that has already been covered in a previous blog last year.  "Perfect!!" I declared as he 'na na boo booed me' (complete with tongue ) while stating that our neighbours think I am wacko too!!!!  I love it, when is the last time I heard that line?  Oh, yeah.....when I was like, five.  It is usually indicative of someone who is losing ground in an argument and needs imaginary support.  I guess he should ask the neighbours first before making that statement or accusing me of calling the city about his endlessly barking dogs.  Amazing that the city sent him a letter after the neighborhood has been subjected to years of this nonsense and how quickly they learned to control them after they received it.  This was after they apparently received a letter from the city with regards to the unceremonious cutting down of city owned trees on their property which succumbed after the wife hacked them down every year.  He defiantly points across at the spindly tree at the edge of my yard and declares that if they hadn't cut them then they would look like mine.  Only it isn't mine I remind him, and sweep my hand to encompass an entire street that is lined with city owned trees for the exception of his lawn and you have no tree left to compare with that one, I point back to the tree on my property.  He has nothing left to say and stands gaping as if in mid sentence.
"I will offer that you as well never speak to me again and mind your own business when it comes to my property" I call across the road to him.  DEAL.  I smirk as he turns to get into his vehicle saying something under his breath I can not make out..... I stand in the road sucking my thumb as he blares his horn all the way down the road.  Not my proudest moment for sure but it felt good standing up to this overgrown bully.... (I took a few lessons from my feisty Italian neighbour who even at a very slim 5' to his 6'4 large frame took him on when he tried accusing her of imagined wrongdoing - I adore her but heck, I wouldn't even try taking her on!!!!).  It will feel even better when construction on my front lawn begins.  I at least called the city to ask permission and got the facts before breaking ground.  My husband and I will take great pains to ensure that it looks as beautiful as it is practical out of respect for those living around us.

We have already offered up our urban garden website to our neighbors and have let them know what we are up to.  So far, we have a great deal of support and one neighbour who is ready to swap plants he is growing in his greenhouse!!!  So I am hoping to see a warm up soon and can't wait to compare notes.  

I have 2 weeks left until the end of the school year with my college students.  It's been a tough year filled with challenges but a really great one too!!  It will be hard to say goodbye to the students but I am excited that so many have job prospects lined up before graduation.  I am so proud of all the hard work and effort they have put in this year and of their support.  My colleagues and I will be hosting a pot-luck lunch for the students to celebrate the end of their school year and the beginning of their adult life.

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