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Saturday, March 1, 2014

..... a wonderful and beautiful arrangement arrives....

..... on a dreary cold, snowy winter's day...

I am sitting here quietly planning my urban garden in the livingroom.  Everyone is out and I am alone to finish my blog and do some creative drawing when the doorbell rings.  I am handed a flower arrangement and I am somewhat perplexed.  It's not my birthday and nor is it any special occassion.  The flowers are absolutely gorgeous and so bright!  I pull out the paper and begin to read.  A very dear and wonderful Tante Maaike and her daughter Nicolette from Holland are the senders of this truly spectacular flower arrangement!!!

I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful gift!!!  It is truly as lovely as you are and just as vibrant.  We have a photo of you in our livingroom Tante Maaike when you visited us last.  We hope Nicolette will one day come with her family to visit as well!!  We thank you for brightening our day today and bless your hearts for thinking of us.

I dedicate this blog entry for you and all those who are kind and thoughtful towards others.  xoxoxo

Beautiful arrangement!!!  This photo does not do it justice... the colours are truly spectacular as are the flowers!!

Thank you for your kind and supportive words!!!  Love always, Marita 

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