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Sunday, August 25, 2013

..... a summer of friendship.....

Yesterday, one of my dearest friends Kelly dropped in for a visit on a day in which I felt so out of sorts after a continued and nagging malaise for days since the third chemo.  I tried not to complain about how I was feeling but her understanding nods and peaceful blue eyes patiently allowed me to vent.  I adore Kelly, and not because she let me vent's because we always end up connecting on a deeper, more spiritual level.  I have always felt a connection to Kelly and when I think of her.... I know how much I miss working in the same place... although it has been years, she was always the one I looked for when I just wanted to connect with someone.  She left to pursue a teaching career over a decade ago and I felt like I had lost my best friend.  I am so blessed to have her in my life and yesterday.... she pulled me out of my funk and made me feel better than I had in days.  I love you Kelly M!!!  Thank you for calling Barb and paying for a cleaning day for me... I really need the help when I start back to school.  Barb is out enjoying a much needed rest with her son out west and will return in September.... I am surrounded by amazing, strong, wonderful women!!!!  Congrats Kelly on achieving your goal of Yoga Instructor down in Costa Rica!!!!  So jealous!!  

Sarah Brown, lovely, beautiful.... soon to be mom of two who is at the point of struggling with a challenging pregnancy, a nearly three year old daughter and a busy work schedule!!  She is learning that Mom's are allowed to take time away to recharge batteries from energetic demanding kids... she works with a few dozen of them in her career!!  She is 'daughter', BFF and overall amazing wonderful, spectacular woman!!  Her best friend Tina is also a 'daughter' and friend of ours.  Two incredible women, I have known since they were impish 9-year olds, who will be going to school this fall at the college I am teaching at.... I sense a few fun lunches over the next semesters!!  I adore and love you always and forever!!

Sara, who has spent the summer in and out of my house working on projects and helping me to get ready for the upcoming school year.... I cannot thank you enough.... really, I can't.  You are such an amazing friend and colleague... a true sounding board and confidant through the best and worst days of the past 5 years as friends.  We worked hard at making our friendship truly special!!  I adore and love you to bits!!!

Elaine.... who is responsible for getting me to where I am as a graduate at Fanshawe and making it possible and easier for me to teach.  I am personally indebted to you for the rest of my life for not only being a good friend, but for being someone who is magically always there... your timing is extraordinary!!!  Yes... I will still bug you in the office at every chance I get because frankly, your office has moved only by one cubicle.... nice planning on your part!!!  Keep making me laugh because I adore you!!!  You are most definitely a gift to me in my life. xoxoxoxo

Mandi is a dear friend who lost her Mom to leukaemia when she was just 17 years old.  Mandi is an old soul in a youthful body who understood years ago in my first diagnosis what I needed..... she put me in touch with Wellspring.... only she didn't just have me call.... she drove me there and took me inside to meet the staff.  She knew that I would not find my way there on my own, likely due, mostly in part to the fact that I really didn't want to inconvenience anyone and that I really didn't think I needed support.  She was right.  That place and her insistence changed my life.  She started a dinner club for me with volunteer cooks for each and every chemo round starting on chemo day and for the 5 days that followed.... she called it Marita Meals.....  This time, she brings us a wonderful meal on chemo day on her own.  I cannot thank her enough for balancing her own family as a single parent and looking out for so many others besides myself!!!  I love you so very much!!! 

My sister Patricia and I text back and forth these days, sharing recipes and pics of our gardens and cooking ventures.  I miss you each and every day you left here after your visit with us.  I wish you lived closer to us and we could see you both often.... you have inspired me to eat better than I have been and to look at living each day filling the wish list!!!  I am still so awed by how much we have in common despite the years apart and yes, your daughter Chelsea is so right.... we came together at a great time for both of us.  We are wiser, more seasoned (careful with that one!!!), and happier in our respective lives and marriages.  Those years were well spent.  I love you always and forever and miss you more each day.  I hope to see you sooner than soon!!!  Tons and tons of love to you and Chelsea!!!

Ameeta is my son's East Indian Momma (EIM) and has an enormous heart for her friends and family.  She is quirky and fun and says the craziest things.... she is emotional and loves deeply.  She was there for William last Saturday as he got on the plane to start his new adventure and came complete with an improvised East Indian method for blessing William's journey.  I think he still has the tiny grains of rice tucked into his civilian jeans.... and the 'dots' to go along with them.  Thank you for being there for my family and being incredibly supportive!!  I love you this..........................much!!!! 

Pat is the mom of my daughter's best friend, friend to me and sister to Chris Hadfield... who knew??  She is a wonderful, kind, loving friend who has been so amazing to our daughter this summer.  Pat and her daughter are the biggest reason for the success of our daughter's amazing summer adventures with trips to their family cottage.  Max and Lydia were invited out to go to the cottage to water ski a few weeks back with Chris and the family.  He even had his picture taken with him.  Chris is one of my, if not, theeeee one person on this planet whom I would have wanted to have my picture with!!!  I am not a super star kinda girl but I love the tech geeks and adventurers of our world!!  Thank you for all your kindness and support Pat, love you girl!!

Kirsten is another Mom of a friend of my daughter,  who has become a friend of mine.  We speak from the heart about her mother's battle with a breast cancer diagnosis.  Kirsten was left at the tender age of 14 when her Mom succumbed to the disease.  It is cathartic for her to speak about an experience that has had a lifelong impact on her world and a way for me to see another side of the story.  We spoke for hours the other night in the quiet of the dimly lit living-room while our girls played upstairs.  It was good just sitting and chatting.  Her sense of humour, insight, life experiences and a passion for teaching are foundations for our friendship and will be for many years to come... at least that's the plan!! xoxoxo

This morning is my 12th Wedding Anniversary..... where did the time go?  My husband is my rock and my best friend, whom I adore endlessly.  He is excited this morning as he rises early, careful not to wake me as he moves around the bedroom getting ready to head out to Fan Expo in Toronto.  We had always wanted to make the trek out to this enormous convention, only we never have???  So, I announced earlier this week that we were all going to the convention and promptly printed off a schedule for today.  I will not be heading down the highway with my family because I still do not feel as well as I should,  so Lydia invited her friend Sami to take my place.  The two girls spent the day yesterday prepping their 'walking dead' costumes for today's events.  This morning, they appeared, white faced, black eyed and dressed in their home made costumes, complete with grass stains and dirt!!!  The two giggling girls dashed into the van to sit in the back seat ready to go.  Max steps up to me in the driveway and kisses me gently on the lips and wishes me a Happy Anniversary.  Mitchel comes up to kiss me on the cheek and Uncle Paul hugs me.  I stand in the driveway waving to my family.  It will be a quiet day for me today, puttering around and getting the house tidied on my own schedule.  This is the part that sucks about cancer but I know the family would not have gone had they not been told to go.  Cancer or no cancer, my family deserves to enjoy their summer and have memories they can share for years to come!!!  Apparently there is a Lego station at the convention...... yes, they will have a great time!!!!!  I am sitting in the comfort of our living-room while he sends pics throughout the morning of the sights!!!  Wish I could be there but glad I am not slowing you guys down!! 

Will called before 9 am... he is homesick and misses us.... and most notably his new girlfriend.  Boys just need to stay focused on the task and realize that time goes quicker that way.  Apparently he has athletes foot and is on a two day medical to get it sorted out.  I warn him not to towel off with the same towel he uses for his body... apparently they neglected to warn him that athletes foot can become jock itch.  Maybe they are hoping he'll learn the hard way.  He is aptly warned, signs off with Mom and lets me know that it is his last communication for another 4 weeks.  Oh thank Goodness they are taking away their phones!!!!  I will write you son, no worries.  Now go focus on getting your training done!!!

Today I am sweaty, uncomfortable and still somewhat bloated.... sigh.  The toxins are finally starting to wash out of the system and the neti pot I am using is taking care of what looks like the beginnings of a sinus infection.... I am rinsing the nose now three times a day.  I am using freshly cut lemons in a lemon tea detox today to help with the bowel....I can only take so much prune juice on ice!!!  Tomorrow, I will venture out and purchase some liquid chlorophyll to add to my repertoire of 'make me feel better' necessities.  I am enjoying many fresh fruits and vegetables including the lovely fresh leek and potato soup I made last night and the fresh greek salad.  The kids are really enjoying these meals and Mitchel respects the fact that I can still cook... like I would ever forget.  My sister inspired me to cook baked cauliflower au gratin last week and they devoured the meal.  Yes, veggies can make you happy AND healthy!!  Today is better than yesterday... tomorrow will be even better!!

I wish to dedicate this blog to all my loving family and friends, who through technology have made staying connected possible.  I am a part of the day with my family even though I am not there to participate!!!  Thank you to all the women who are such an important part of my life and whom I love dearly.  Thank you to Marleen and Scott for the well-timed anniversary card.  Glad you are enjoying your trip!!!  Life is for living and enjoying those moments!!!

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