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Friday, June 24, 2011

... post cancer with a new beginning

We were so fortunate to be able to travel to a cottage offered to us by a generous cottage owner on Ril Lake in the Muskokas.  Cottage Dreams is an organization that matches cancer patients and their family with a cottage in an area of their choice.  It was an opportunity for us as a family to say goodbye to our cancer journey and a big hello to the next chapter of our life journey.  It is a year of sharing our story with so many strangers as we stood up for the nurses that were being let go at the cancer unit and eventually saved their jobs.  Our trip to the cottage ended with a photo shoot from the Muskoka Magazine.... they knew nothing of our media involvement but chose 3 families to be a part of an article about Cottage Dreams....... as much as I like the media and the world in which I have worked for 17 years.... it really was time to drift into anonymity and gratefully so.  We have pictures of the entire family caught laughing and out enjoying ourselves - a true beginning for each of us.

It signified the closing of one career and the beginnings of another.  I consider myself a very fortunate woman despite the hardships over the years.... I am a happy woman.  Upon our return from vacation, it was time to say good bye to Wellspring.  Although it will always be in my heart, I have moved on and forward in my journey.  I will stay friends with the girls I have travelled in my journey with.... they have become part of who I am.  We email and share stories and laugh on the phone.  I will find the time to see them when I can.

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