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Sunday, January 17, 2010

.... round four week 3

.... if you don't blog it, your chemo brain will forget it!! It has been a week of completing the renovation and keeping myself occupied with knitting.....

The renovation is nearly completed with Max putting trim on sometime later today when I am out visiting the girls at a baby shower. I am in some discomfort from being on my feet a little too long last night at our annual party but I would not have missed it!! Being around my friends from BoB and /A\ has done a world of good for my soul. Here is a recap of the week... or as much as I can remember!!

Tuesday 12th January

I am at Art Therapy today and feeling angry inside..... I am tired, worn out and the wound on my leg is not looking that fantastic... I am thinking that the oral antibiotics are not working and I will try to remember to make an appointment to see Dr. Annette. The girls are great and they let me talk out why I am angry and I feel guilty for feeling that way... my feelings are easily bruised and although the outside veneer looks tough - it is a great cover-up. It bothers me if I have hurt someone's feelings and I will often be upset for days..... I can however be like a bull in a china shop when it comes to getting my ideas across and that certainly does not help my cause. I have a good friend who is a fantastic sounding board who is not afraid to tell me what she thinks and we laugh about my flaws - I know that her advice comes from the heart and is said with the kindest of words. Thank you for always taking the time out for me K. - it got me through a tough moment!! xo

Thursday January 14th 2009

It is an early start to the day and it is back to the hospital for a 7:30 am blood test to be followed with an appointment to see the Oncology team. I am starting to feel better but my concern is with my leg wound which appears to be getting worse - it looks like a bullseye surrounded by an ever widening red ring.... I can see little red fingers creeping outwards and I can only think of the time I had blood poisoning from a wound in my hands that had not been properly cleaned after falling on asphalt - by the time I sought out medical help, I had red streaks up both arms that had reached the biceps and two wounds which had progressed to gangrene. According to the physician on call who saw me immediately despite the crowed ER room... I had about 6 hours before going septic.... not a comforting thought.

The Oncologist inspected the wound and determined that the wound had ulcerated creating a crater the size of a raisin just over the ankle and near a large blood vessel - a change in antibiotics was called for and a strict regime of topical antibiotic cream and bandages. My blood counts are back up to normal so I will go into round 2 of the Docetaxel.

Friday 15th January 2009

I have an appointment to see Dr. Annette Richard this morning but first I will visit with work as I still have some paperwork to complete - I am going on LTD (long term disability) this week. I bring in a round of coffees and hang out with the guys for a while - felt so good to be sitting in the office with everyone!!! Hugs later, it is time to go to my appointment and I have to run!!

Dr. Annette checks out my wound and is pleased with the course of antibiotics - this one is geared to staph infections. She also gives me a prescription for Mylan-Fluconazole 150mg - this is an oral yeast medication which she promises will take 24 hours to work.... the antibiotics have killed off all the natural bacteria in the bowel and elsewhere. If it isn't one thing... it's another :)!! One of her other patients comes in and I easily recognize the voice of a friend and neighbor from the old neighborhood. While Annette is busy, Barry and I visit.

Eileen comes to visit and spends part of the afternoon with me. Thanks so much for the coffee and your company. I am tired today and need to lay down - it will be an early bedtime but I know I will be up and wandering the house if I go to bed too early. The night sweats are getting worse and some nights I wake up with eyes filled with sweat that drips down my face.... even my skin feels uncomfortable being in it. Annette has assured me that this too will pass eventually and thinks that I could likely be forced into early menopause due to the medication - it might be temporary but she doesn't think so.

The evening brought with it a visit from Carrie and her daughter Anna accompanied by Lilly their Papillon. Thank you for the Jane Basket - which I totally love!! The blanket and chocolate bars (huge) are so awesome. I like the Mango butter cream - it really works!! Love you girl and Thanks for being such a great friend. xoxoxo

Saturday 16th January 2009

Our annual company get-together which our Recreational committee partnered with BoB Fm have put together starts at 6 pm tonight. I will be emceeing the event as president of the committee and Lindsay will be co-partnered with me. She is shy despite her outward personality and braves out talking to the crowd. She did a great job and was pivotal in obtaining prizes for the event. I had a fantastic time and I am sure everyone else did too. The casino play tables that we had came complete with great dealers and an equally fantastic pit boss. All of our attendees were given $10 vouchers to play the slots in the real casino on the ground floor which a group of us took advantage of later in the evening. I have not laughed like this in quite some time!! The evening came to a close when we left with an extra $25 in our pocket thanks to cashing out when the going got good. Thank you to everyone for the great hugs and best wishes.... I truly am a very lucky girl to be surrounded by some truly spectacular people!!! xoxoxox <3>

Sunday 17th January

Getting up was difficult today - I spent too much time on my feet and was out too late but I am grateful that I didn't have Max's hang-over. It is difficult moving about as I am very achy - no complaints - I would not have changed a thing about last night's event!!! I will get ready to go to a baby shower this afternoon but I cannot stay too long. I am excited for Melissa and her soon to be Ericka (great name!!) and know that her friends will spoil her rotten!! It was a good time and it was so nice to see Sandra, Serena, Pat, Lisa (hostess), Melissa and her sister and sister-in-laws. Wishing you all the best!! xoxo

Monday 18th January 2009

It was hard getting up this morning but a necessary trip to the Future Shop for cables - monster cables to be run through the pipes behind the wall..... a job that was made easier with soap!! I totally love the look of no cables and clean lines... only thing left to do is make custom shelving and a cabinet on both sides to house all the electronics. Now I can crash on the couch this week while trying to cope with the side-effects of the chemo!! I also picked up some cupcakes for Lydia's doll Rosie - it is her birthday today according to the diary that came with her!! Lydia will be excited to see that I actually remembered something!! I also still have to send out the thank you notes we made for Tracy and Emily!! I found a milk shake on my doorstep from Nancy - this is the second time we have missed each other and I was only out for an hour!!!

Thank you to everyone for your hugs this week and your best wishes. I am sending out the love and hugs and will see you all next week!! xoxo

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