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Sunday, December 13, 2009

..... round 3 week 2

..... just when you think you have conquered the symptoms..... some new and disturbing ones crop up. The old saying 'you don't get something for nothing' also applies to medication... case in point - I had been fighting the horrible burn of reflux through the first two rounds of chemo but managed to get through the worst of it in about 5 days..... this round, although the burn was gone, the swelling and belly pain began in and around day 3 and has now progressed to day 9 to be a massive amount of pain which is screaming through my back, around my side and clearly through the 32 feet of entrails filled with the acid reflux that is moving slowly and excruciatingly downwards. I have consumed more water than a camel about to embark on a cross-Sahara journey and the result - a bump forming in the front instead of my back!!! This apparently will resolve itself in time..... how much..... not really sure? I decide that a good stretch and a walk with the kids will expedite the process now that I am not suffering the ill effects of head fog. A few minutes in and Miss Lydia has found a puddle while wearing her runners.... no worries, we head home just in time to find William has arisen and we coral him into accompanying us to the local coffee shop.

Dinner on Friday came by way of Nick P. who admitted that as an Italian... it is quite a challenge to make anything without tomato sauce and my family appreciates the effort made to achieve a delectable meal despite the challenges. Thank you for the visit and the hugs!!

Monday 14th December

It is the Recing Crew meeting at 9:30 am for the committee to finalize plans and details for a gathering in January. It is great seeing all the girls and I realize with emotion that I miss them a lot, and my everyday life. We laugh and chat in between planning and as I look around, each and every one of them has been there for my family and myself in their own way. My work is not just a job... it's a family too!! Thank you to everyone for being a part of an amazing crew who have made life fun and interesting for those around them. xoxoxoxoxo I get to hang out for a few minutes with my colleagues in Engineering who make their way over for hugs... thanks Scotty for the warm reception and the twoonie that went to the raffle for the amazing gingerbread house that Vasja and his wife made to raise funds for the food bank.

Tuesday 15th December

I went to Art Therapy this morning and although the experimenting with lace doilies and paint was fun... did not quite get the effect I was hoping to achieve... and find myself sitting there like a writer experiencing a block. Our newest member is Dave whose wife has cancer. He spends the first hour being quiet and drawing on a sketchpad while all of us gals are chatting excitedly. I asked Dave a few questions and complimented him on his sketch and then he just opened up and became quite chatty. He left early to get to an appointment but you could clearly see that he enjoyed sharing his love of hockey and produced a picture of him tending goal from his wallet - the days before anyone wore a helmet. He spoke of a head injury which was stitched at half time only to return back to the game shortly after. Amazing how much things have changed over the years....

The package is waiting for me as I return in the early afternoon... Miss Lydia's doll that I ordered online from Maplelea dolls. I open the gorgeous box she comes in and gazed upon the prettiest doll I have seen in a really long time. She has long red hair and pretty blue eyes and reminds me of the lovely girl who will find her under the tree. I have ordered a snowsuit which has been shipped but they do not have the knit hat and mitts available so I head out to Michael's to pick up the wool to make them myself. I had to do some calculations from a pattern I currently have but when it is finished... it is a perfect fit!!! Max is thrilled and agrees that the doll and her outfits are fabulous!! I only wish I had a doll like her growing up.... and I did love my dolls and took them everywhere I went... as a young pre-teen, I would dig swimming pools for my Barbies in the back yard. I would build beds and make clothes for them... all that engineering sure came in handy years later.... I am still in the process of making miniature mitts.

Wednesday 16 December 2009

I am at home trying to tidy up and get ready for Christmas and not getting too far. I am meeting with Thomas for lunch in the early afternoon - after the lunchtime rush... we laugh and have so much fun as the conversation flows. He is a good friend and I adore him and wish we had gotten together more often over the years.... it is easy to get too busy. We head over to the dollar store next door because the 9 flower pots I picked up a few days ago are not enough for the lovely plant arrangements I received just after my surgeries months ago and now the plants are outgrowing the planters. Thomas is finding so many treasures and we traipse through the quiet store. I have 20 pots in my basket and a few other items. It has been an amazing time but it is now time to go home and Thomas grabs my bags and escorts me over to my car which he has unknowingly parked right next to - what are the odds. Big hug and we promise to meet up again in the new year when I am up to it.

Thursday 17th of December

Yoga was fun today and lots of hugs and well wishes to everyone as it is our last Yoga day until the New Year. I have to leave shortly after class to pick up my children from their dental appointment. More hugs and well wishes from the incredible staff of Dr. Spagnolo's office. These gals have gone out of their way to try and accommodate our crazy schedule this year and always treat us well. Thank you and we wish you all the very best this Season. xoxoxox

A few minutes after I finished my lunch, the doorbell rings and it is Canada Post delivering a package!! It is from Tracy and her daughter Emily.... the elusive package, which was hung up in Canadian Customs has finally arrived!! The postal worker is surprised that I am so jovial as I wish him a Merry Christmas and let him know that my friend will be so thrilled that the delivery made it!! He looks at me, smiles and let's me know how much he appreciates my kind words.... he hasn't had many today and must play the part of the messenger that bears the brunt of his recipients angst because of the customs hold-ups. I am just grateful to receive the package - Lydia will be sooooooo thrilled!!

When Lydia gets home, I sit her down and explain that this is a gift given from Tracy's daughter and as she reads the card she looks at me and is surprised that Emily knows what Lydia likes and is even more surprised that a girl a few years older than her would be so thoughtful as to think of someone she does not know let alone send her a beautiful Unicorn Webkinz whom she has aptly named Rainbow. She also finds a package of smencils - scented colored pencils which she is thrilled about. I am deeply touched as I watch Lydia hug the Unicorn to her chest and race off to show it to her brothers and introduce the latest member to the assembled stuffies on the livingroom floor which she has been teaching!! Thank you Emily and Tracy for your wonderful gifts and your friendship - it means the world to us! xoxoxo

Friday 18 December

I have not slept exceptionally well - my side is in pain and has been all night. I am up sporadically through the night trying to disperse the gas which I am sure it is..... so it is a liquid diet today. Looking forward to getting back to normal.....

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