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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

..... round 2 week 2

.... and the weekend scored tops in weather and in how I am feeling...

Friday 20th November

Mornings are best for me - time of highest energy and when I am at my best. This morning though, my head is still in a fog and my mouth feels like it is stuffed with cotton. I go out to have coffee and some breakfast with Susan H. and look forward to the company. We talk about whatever comes to mind and we talk about where we are at in our lives. Susan has bought my breakfast and I am feeling guilty considering she is just having a hot chocolate - the espresso machine is down - and that her dental work is causing her some discomfort. We head over to Michael's so I can pick up some items for Christmas. We are always careful to go at a time where there will be the fewest amount of people. I make some purchases and then it is off home.... I am tired and need to lay down. Thank you Susan for a great morning.

Friday night supper is the last one in this series and was brought by Ann L. from Bob Fm. It was a super yummy butter chicken with rice. Poor Miss Lydia was devastated that pizza night did not happen and the tears spilled upon discovery that the foil covered container was not what she was anticipating. Despite her disappointment, she still enjoyed dinner.

Saturday 21st November
It is a quick trip out to the grocery store at 8am with Miss Lydia... we are the only ones in the grocery store as we pick up items for breakfast. I am feeling better and want to make a nice family breakfast. Our new neighbor knocks on the door to inquire as to whether or not I would like some firewood but alas, our fireplace is gas.... days later I realize that the neighbor he was talking to was referring to our fire pit!! Oh, well, the fog in the brain still has not cleared and I still feel rather disconnected. I put on the coffee maker and ask Lydia if she would ask the new neighbor if he would like a coffee - I can see the elderly man working in his driveway cutting wood. A few minutes later, Lydia appears in the kitchen with not only Walter but his wife Victoria!! Max thought he would be having breakfast in bed with the paper but instead, he changed and came down to meet the new neighbors. They joined us at the breakfast table in true european fashion and hugs and kisses later, they were off. Later that day, Victoria dropped off a bottle of homemade Italian Wine. I am not drinking any form of alcohol these days so it will have to wait until Christmas when one of my treatments will be delayed by a few days. Ironically the Saturday paper had a list of the 10 modern commandments and number 2 was - invite your neighbor for coffee.... check!!

The afternoon was spent quietly sewing a project for Max's Christmas gift. He collects Santa Clauses and last year after Christmas he had picked out a pattern from Fabric Land which I found when sorting through my project box. I am by no means an expert sewer, never having taken a course but I bought a machine years ago. Max showed me how to thread the bobbin and I took it from there. When I am finished this journey, Lydia and I will take a sewing course. In the meantime, I am working on finishing all the projects left in my sewing kit. I taught myself to knit, crochet, sew and cross-stitch - and it's nice that I am picking them back up.

Finally a night out to dinner with the family and we go to one of our favorite places to eat - Palasad!! It is our first dinner out in months and the kids are excited for a break away. Laurence and his family show up and ironically choose the table right behind us and is so surprised that it is me tapping him on the back. Huge hugs and a quick chatter to see how each other is!! Oh how I miss my friends at work!! Sam bumps his head and the conversation ends abruptly but we make sure that hugs are given before we leave. Thank you for the lovely words of encouragement from both you and your wife!! xo

Sunday 22 November 2009

The weather has been so amazing this fall!! Unfortunately most of those days for me has been spent indoors trying to feel normal. My hands and feet are still very sensitive and so are my eyes to light. I pull on a warm knit cap over my now very bald head..... last night it felt like I was sleeping on pins and needles as the remaining hair stiffened and then starting breaking off. My knit cap was full of little hairs and what was left on my head was itchy!!! I go outside to do a little tidy up in the garden wearing my gardening gloves..... cannot get injured and cannot use sharp tools. I manage to sweep up the leaves off the deck and William helps to bag them. Just this simple task is causing difficulty and my energy is waning. My Doctor encourages me to try and be as active as possible to build strength and stamina and that is what I strive for every day but there are days where I am too tired to do anything and crawl back into bed. Today I am pushing myself to stay outside and to stay awake. The neighbors are out in force raking lawns and putting up Christmas lights including my husband who is traipsing across the roof hanging lights along the eaves. It feels good to see him happy and joking with the neighbors. Mitch drops by and has a beer with him while he finishes up the little jobs that needed to be done in the garden before Winter. I am relieved that the weather has been so cooperative and that we were able to get things done.

The evening is spent doing miniature gingerbread houses and it was really fun!! Mine was a complete disaster but in the end it still tasted pretty darn good. Max's was perfection and will likely not be eaten!!

I have been in contact with Michelle who is going through her first chemo and was positive she would be heading to work right after..... unfortunately she took a turn for the worse and was seriously ill which required immediate medical attention for dehydration and severe vomiting. My fingers are crossed that she is OK. I post notes on her facebook to let her know that I am there!!

Monday 23 November 2009

I tidy the living room and take a shower. I am expecting a guest at 11:30 from Rogers Cable. Rachel will be interviewing me about the out-of-pocket expenses one can expect from their journey through cancer. Although I work at the local CTV station as an engineer, am familiar with the media - been interviewed quite a few times - it is a moment where many residents from around the local area will get a glimpse of me as a cancer patient. Rachel is very sweet and the interview goes well. I am tired this morning and in the footage I watch later on the air - I can see the physical changes that have caused my eyes to look hollow.... I remind myself that it is only temporary. Thank you to Bob anchoring the news for the kind words of encouragement..... I really miss you!!! Thank you to Scott L. for saying that I am looking good - so sweet!!

Thank you to everyone who brings sunshine in the lives of others and to my friends who continue to make me smile and laugh along the way. To my children who love spending quiet afternoons together making crafts and cuddling in my bed - I love you all so very much. To my husband who shoulders the brunt of my not-so-good days and who still tries his best... I love you forever.

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