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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Will goes to work with Mom

Our day started like mine does twice a week - before the crack of dawn around 6 a.m. when I jump in the shower and then juggle dressing with finding the essentials to modern living..... 2 cell phones, a wallet that hopefully contains exact change for parking at the College, and all my books and assorted necessities for enlightening tired minds for the 8 am class.  Will has decided weeks ago that following Mom around for the day is easier than going to classes and no complaints on the way to the college as he finds solace in a really loud IPod and a quick shut-eye in the dark car as it snakes its way across the city in the 25 minute drive.  He walks beside me in the fresh pre-dawn air and the few comments he has reflects his belief that I teach in some incredibly highly technical environment and is surprised by the simplicity of the lab classroom.  He briefly looks around, finds a seat in the corner near the white board where I am writing out my lecture notes and reminders for the students that will fill the seats behind me in another 15 minutes which gives my son enough time to ask when we are going for coffee and can we play a quick round of tic-tac-toe.  The morning starts slowly for him and he shows little interest in doing a lab but instead chooses to doodle at the desk and proudly hands me his sketches when lab is over.  I ask him what he thinks of my teaching and he says 'you are a cool teacher' but leaves the conversation for his IPod.  I wonder sometimes if I have any effect on him at all?  

We have arrived at my job and I breathe a sigh of relief when I realize that they have booked his entire day with all kinds of activities that I know he will enjoy until I see him arrive at my desk to announce that he is bored and wants to do something else... like leave!  I let him know that leaving is not an option and that he will be leaving when I do.... sometime around 7 pm.  He is not amused and lets me know.  By 4 in the afternoon, he has taken a liking to one of the girls in the group and has become what every Mom cringes at - mr personality trying to impress the girls and goofing with the guys..... sigh.... who is this child and is this what he does at school all day?  Sometimes it is best not to ask.  By 5 I am trying to convince him that his day is done and that he needs to hang with me.  He becomes uncooperative and decides to wander the halls in search of water but I know that he is passing by the office where one of the girls is sitting and he cannot pass up the opportunity to try and impress her just one more time.  Apparently the cups at the water cooler are small and require yet another trip at least four more times.

It has been a long day for Will, and I must admit that the fatigue I am keeping at bay is starting to fray at my nerves.  Time to find some food on the way home and I get Will to give us some ideas and he chooses Wendy's.  He looks over at me as he begins the task of organizing our meal in the car and says 'thanks Mom, I had a good day and I want to thank you for bringing me out today'.  I smile at him and know that he appreciates to some degree what my day is like.... not!!

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